Mustangs News · Mustangs Cross Country First Home Meet

The long awaited season of the Mustang Cross Country team has finally begun. Today, we successfully hosted our first ever home meet at Bethany Creek trail against Beyer High School. Our team had a great start to the season despite facing a tough Beyer team.

Our JV boys won big, lead by Freshman, Madden Harada. They took all of the top 4 spots. Our varsity girls dominated in the 5K race by coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, lead by Sophomore, Sophia Kwok. Our varsity boys ran a hard race, lead by Sophomore, Yuji Buczynski, with the time of 20:08, who came in fourth.

I am so proud of our team! We will continue to build on a great start and finish the season even stronger. Go Mustangs!!!